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Our company only works with professionals and we were pleased to discover that
Media 2ND team was one of them. The FedEx Invoice Project was so successful that we suggested for it to be externalized to other subsidiaries.

Dan Radu,
Country Manager

About the Company

Federal Express Corporation (FedEx Express) is the world's largest express transportation company. Leveraging its unmatched air route authorities and extensive air/ground infrastructure, FedEx Express connects markets, within just 1 to 2 business days that comprise 90% of the world's economic activity.

International Romexpress Service Ltd. has worked with FedEx Express in the Romanian express delivery market since 1992. In 12 years, International Romexpress Service Ltd. has become one of the largest express delivery companies in Romania, and now serves over 1000 cities and towns across the entire country. Precise modern tracking technology and control over the delivery process from door to door ensure quick, high-quality delivery services.

The Project

Intranet applications, including Intranet Invoice, AWB Manager and internal package tracking.